10 Week Group Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is more effective for weight loss, than diet and exercise alone, and I use hypnosis throughout this 10 week course, to change habits such as emotional eating, secret eating and overeating.

Research shows that there are benefits to losing weight in a group, such as receiving support from others who understand your journey and longer sessions and treatment time. Each group will be closed once started, so you will work with the same people each week.

Session one will be FREE and a chance for you to find out if this is right for you.

Following this the next 9 sessions will last approximately 1½ hours and all you need to bring is a notebook, something comfortable to lie on for the hypnotherapy (such as a yoga mat) and a blanket if you like!

Next start date: Wednesday 5th July
Location: Offord Village (Cambridgeshire)

Price: £10 per session if paid weekly (£90 in total) – if paid in full at session one I am offering 1 session free, so £80 for the whole course.

Contact me on 07498 337067

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