Managing Risk

We live and work in increasingly uncertain and volatile times. Pandemics, changing working practices, impact of new and disruptive technologies, competition, freak weather events, Brexit – these are the everyday challenges that we all need to operate within.

Do you manage tasks or projects that involve some level of uncertainty and risk? Would it benefit you to understand and respond to that risk more effectively?

This course introduces a practical and user friendly approach to risk management.

  • Objectives
    • Identifying a simple risk management process
    • Practicing identifying risk using a range of techniques
    • Exploring techniques for assessing and prioritizing risk
    • Practice planning risk responses
    • Develop a risk action plan relevant to your work area
Pre-Course ActivityComplete LinkedIn Poll – you will be invited to this before the course.
Post-Course Activity30 minute action plan review
Course Duration3.5 Hours (plus follow up review)
Virtual/Classroom BasedVirtual Delivery
Course cost£90

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