I have been interested in hypnotherapy for some time, and qualified in Hypnotherapy in 2023.

Your subconscious is primarily there to keep you safe. It is therefore always alert to threats, and will convince you that certain actions are best for you.

“eat that chocolate because it will comfort you and make you feel better”

“don’t stop smoking because you will put on weight”

During a hypnotherapy session I am able to talk directly to your subconscious, as your brain is more receptive to positive messages. Your negative behaviours, habits and thoughts can be adjusted.

At certain times in our life we all feel that things are getting on top of us; and worry, anxiety and stress levels can take over, this is a totally normal response (it’s your subconscious sending out warnings). Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce anxiety by giving you the chance to fully relax your body and mind. We will then work together to build your resilience and focus on the positives in your life.

Hypnotherapy is also very effective in helping you change habits, and I use this in my practice when working with people who struggle with their weight. By working together to build a personalised approach, we can change your specific habits towards food, and help you to reach your goals.

Within the sessions, we will fully discuss your goals, your likes and dislikes, and this will help me to write a fully personalised script for you. You will sit or lie down in a comfortable position for you; and I will relax you using the script. Once you are fully relaxed I will be able to use your own, individualised suggestions, to reprogramme your subconscious. Most people find the process very calming, and sometimes even think they have fallen asleep, this is again perfectly normal and doesn’t affect the therapy at all.

Hypnotherapy is completely safe for most people. It isn’t mind control or brainwashing, you are always in control. 

Can Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Actually Work? (

As well as hypnotherapy, I am also qualified in the following approaches, and these can be used to build an individualised approach for you.

Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation is the state of being free from tension, or the act of calming the mind or body.

I use various techniques to treat conditions including mental health, physical pain and sleep problems. Such as:

  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • guided imagery
  • deep breathing exercises
  • mindfulness meditation
  • hypnosis

Sand Tray Therapy

This therapy was first used with children in the early 1900s. I tend to work only with adults, however by using trays filled with sand, miniature toys and building materials, I find people are able to express themselves in a non-verbal way, explore their inner worlds, and make sense of their experiences, often unconsciously.

‘The sandplay picture is to the psyche, what an x-ray is to the body’ (Harriet S Friedman)

Person Centred Therapy

All my therapy is person centred (which is one of the humanistic approaches). I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity and potential to grow and change. I offer support, guidance and structure to my clients, enabling them to explore their issues and find a way forward.

If you are experiencing behaviour or feelings, which just don’t feel ‘like you’, then I can help you to explore this, in an empathetic and safe environment.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is usually a set number of sessions, to deal with a particular issue or problem. I have also found using the principles of CBT alongside my other therapeutic approaches, in certain situations very powerful. CBT is useful when negative thought patterns are affecting our lives, and by using this approach positive thinking and new behaviours can be developed.

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