Training others

Often during the working day you may be asked to train someone, often informally. Or you may be an expert in what you do, and therefore want to pass on your knowledge to others. But how do you know if you are doing it in the right way? Is your teaching changing and improving behaviours of others?

This course will give you the basics to ensure your ‘students’ are learning something and the confidence to deliver a good lesson.

Impartial feedback is crucial to improving your teaching, so we will conduct an observation following this course, and give clear and developmental one-to-one feedback.

  • Objectives
    • Explore different teaching methods and the situations they are most relevant
      • Importance of planning – what do you want to achieve
      • Adapting methods to your audience
      • Facilitating, not instructing
      • Embedding learning through practice
  • How to encourage students to take ownership of their own learning and development
  • Assessing learning and measuring success
  • Action plan – plan and teach a lesson, which we will observe and give you feedback on.
Pre-Course ActivityComplete LinkedIn Poll – you will be invited to this before the course.
Post Course ActivityPlan and teach a lesson, which we will observe and give you feedback on.
Course Duration2 x 1/2 days (7 hours)
Virtual/Classroom DeliveryVirtual or classroom
Course costWorkshop £150
Observation/Feedback £50 + exps

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