Louise Birt, PM Apprentice, MADG

Steve Iddon has been an invaluable resource, as both a trainer and also a mentor, throughout my Project Management Qualification and Apprenticeship. 

As a trainer, the quality of his course delivery, how relatable his experience and examples are, and his ability to engage his students, made the course I attended extremely enjoyable and beneficial to my personal development.  The excellent guidance he provided during my initial training, led me to further develop my potential and career opportunities through undertaking an Apprenticeship.

As a mentor, Steve has been one of the best I’ve had.  He’s unceasingly positive, supportive and his responsiveness and understanding of my development needs have been exceptional.  He’s very clear about what action is required and helps guide your understanding and thought processes while maximising your own learnings and personal development, which has built my confidence in my own capabilities exponentially.

My experience with Steve’s encouragement and dedication to his students’ success has been fantastic and very much appreciated.  I would recommend his skills as a trainer and mentor without hesitation.