Author: Steve Iddon

New Year, New Beginnings, New Blog

Our company, accentuate, is committed to supporting others. Last year we did this through a diverse range of services, programmes and projects. This included projects developing resources for training providers and EPAOs, implementing programmes that helped others start of on their business start up journeys, supporting the development of careers advisors, delivering courses in English, […]

Lee Allsup, Allsup & Dale

We have found working with accentuate solutions very supportive and extremely responsive to our requirements. They rapidly presented changes when required and worked with us on a project until full completion, at times making supportive suggestions and offering clarity and meaning when requested. The project had a relatively tight turn round time, broken down into […]

Why you should develop project management skills even if you aren’t a project manager – part 2 – Effective Planning

Effective planning is such a critical tool for a project manager (PM) and planning is required in much of our personal and professional lives.  Planning an event, planning the weekly shop, planning a restructure, planning the production of a car and so on.  You need to understand: who is involved, what is required, how long […]

Why you should develop project management skills even if you aren’t a project manager – part 1

Project management requires a very broad skills set, from stakeholder management and risk management, to quality control, data collection and performance reporting.  In this series I want to explore some of the key skills required to be an effective Project Manager (PM) and how these apply in so many other work areas.  Today I look […]

Why businesses should adopt a culture that uses the core practices of coaching and mentoring

The terms coaching and mentoring often have overlapping or vague meanings.  Though there are clear professional standards for each, the terms are often used interchangeably in business.  For the purpose of this article, I define mentoring as ‘supporting others with personal and professional development’, and coaching as ‘supporting others with specific vocational skills development’.  So […]

A personal reflection – key lessons from an unconventional career trajectory and the skills needed to adapt in an uncertain and volatile workplace.

I recalled the first part of this story at my Dad’s funeral 6 years ago… I was 17 years old, stuck in a tedious job (hole punching in a sheet metal factory), generally grumbling about how rubbish my life was and my Dad said to me, “Son, you have to get out there and do […]

Imogen Robinson, PM Apprentice, MADG

Steve is an absolutely fantastic assessor and coach who led me through two years of a project management apprenticeship and multiple supporting qualifications. With a very approachable demeanour and brilliant knowledge of his course subjects I don’t know anyone who didn’t enjoy a course delivered by him. One place where Steve shines is his ability […]

Louise Birt, PM Apprentice, MADG

Steve Iddon has been an invaluable resource, as both a trainer and also a mentor, throughout my Project Management Qualification and Apprenticeship.  As a trainer, the quality of his course delivery, how relatable his experience and examples are, and his ability to engage his students, made the course I attended extremely enjoyable and beneficial to […]